o l i v e o n t h e r o a d
twenty-three, california's capitol, graphic
, transcriber, copywriter, photographer
tea drinker, buff of films, worm of books & lover
of warm sweaters on rainy days.

I have had this stuck in my likes for two years or more. No matter how many times I unheart it, try to reblog, edit, delete, nothing. It will forever make me chuckle not only because it taunts my likes daily (which you’ll know I only use as a saving place for reblogging them later) and yet still is actually funny.

Also, I’m incredibly anal in many ways, and the fact that my likes have been stuck on the number 37 while there’s not a single thing but this tart photo in there is killing me. The only plus I see to it is that every time I still see it’s at 37, I quote, “37?!??!?!”. Ah, Smith flicks. 

Diving into Homeland today people…

Only saw the pilot a few years back when it was awards season.

…Because I really need another television show to watch.

Oh, you guys, and your thinking that this weekend’s episode of Outlander was intense…